Buddyz is a travel platform powered by locals, a.k.a. the most knowledgable and interesting experts, the ones that know the country best!

Try to recall your best travel memories and you’ll notice a pattern - the most memorable moments are probably the ones where you’ve gone off the beaten path and perhaps stumbled upon a family-run restaurant, had the best meal, chatted with the interesting group of people who sat next to you, shared desserts and life stories, then journeyed on to an incredible night out.

Yes, you can plan an entire travel itinerary, go online to search for things to do and places to visit, but all you’ll find are touristy attractions and overrated restaurants. It’s not the same as when you spontaneously ask the local bartender for recommendations or when you have a local friend to bring you around.

We want to emulate those experiences through Buddyz - by pairing you up with a local guide, you can discover one-of-a-kind experiences and unforgettable activities in hard-to-find places.

We want to encourage people to travel more meaningfully, to immerse themselves in local culture, and to connect with people from the places they visit.

So on our platform, you will find what we call ‘Experiences’ for every interest - ranging from cultural walks, intimate meals at secluded local eateries to creative workshops and classes. All of which are led by locals and are vetted for quality.

It’ll be as if you’ve come to a new country and had a local buddy to bring you around the city.

Gone are the days where we follow a tour bus with 30 people, hopping from one tourist trap to the other. We want to inspire a new and better way of travel - get to know a place through the eyes of a local and through untold stories that give far more meaning to the place.


To create a world where people can build their livelihoods and advocate humanity through travel.


To provide a unified travel platform that allows anyone in the world to:

Discover hidden gems
Throw away your travel checklist that is filled with touristy attractions and start exploring what the country really has to offer!
Experience local living culture
Allow us to be your native guide as we share with you the local lifestyle along with authentic local favourites and the stories behind them.
Connect and make newfound friends
Experience the humanity and kindness that we all share through our intimate tours - the bond and friendships created through travelling together is something you’ll cherish forever.